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Doers or Doners?

I recently met a group of people who were so excited about networking with “historic” figures who had once been successful in business. I think it’s great to attend and learn but my question is…do you want to hang out with “doners” or “doers?” In today’s fast moving environment – it doesn’t do much for me to listen to “Experts” who talk about how they succeeded 20, 10 or even 5 years ago. I want to know what are they doing TODAY to advance their businesses

Your Best Present?

Hi! I recently attended a networking event where we talked about the best gift we can give to clients and I really liked a couple so as your coach, I thought I would share two with you.
1. Make a list of the Top Ten People You Should Know I have thousands of people in my database and it would really benefit my clients to send them a top ten list of people who I know who are resources of knowlege, supplies, etc, that could benefit them. These are people who have a high ethical standard and sincerely care about the best interest in others. Why not do the same?
2. Send a Top Ten Questionnaire. Every year I do this to help my clients and attendees to focus on what they’vd accomplished this past year. It’s a great way to feel confident to tackle new skills THIS next year!