Doers or donersI recently met a group of people who were so excited about networking with “historic” figures who had once been successful in business. I think it’s great to attend and learn but my question is…do you want to hang out with “doners” or “doers?”

In today’s fast moving environment – it doesn’t do much for me to listen to “Experts” who talk about how they succeeded 20, 10 or even 5 years ago. I want to know what are they doing TODAY to advance their businesses.

Not only should they KNOW about social media but they need to know HOW to USE it and translate that skill to others. And the tools should work with intangible and tangible products. When you use them – you should be able to see quick and measurable results. I have!

My own personal coach is pushing me to share with others what I’ve done in the last 90 days to advance my daughter’s toy store. I’ve never thought of speaking in the retail business. They always seem too busy to listen and learn new things. I know we’re open 7 days a week…but I also so a little tweek here and there has made a huge difference in our numbers. So – anyway – next time you get a little swayed by the awesomeness of others – ask “what have you done lately?

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