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I love Occam Razor’s philosophy that sometimes the best answers are the easiest ones. I’m a big beleiver in the power of creativity and in my Time Management Seminars, I’ve created a page for our personalized daytimer that allows you to write down one creative idea a day.

My Patent Attorney son taught me years ago that the inventive millionaires of tomorrow aren’t the ones who start from stratch but those who look at an idea and “tweak it” to make it better. After all, remember what the old baby bottle looked like? Put a hole in the middle so a baby can hold it themself and walah…a new invention.

So I am so excited to see my granddaughter’s idea  of an invention competition for kids to where it is today and it was highlight in the news at USF in Tampa . When was the last time you moved an idea out of your mind, to paper, and then to reality? And how do YOU support others to do the same?

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