What a pleasant surprise today while I was flipping channels to hear Robert Woodson.  His no-nonsense style was refreshing and I valued that he too believes in less finger pointing!  finger pointing

Aren’t you too tied of everyone pointing a finger at everyone else for their problems?  How different the world would be if we made it time for accountability! My tagline in my email signature is simply 6 words
“Success is always in YOUR hands”.  Robert Woodson said it more eloquently when he said “We need to be an agent of our own self transformation!”

We are where we are in life because of the choices WE make.  I often say Life is a Buffet Table of Choices.  You might WANT to believe you can have it all but I am here to day you CANNOT!  Instead there is a buffet table of choices today in all that you do that your parents and grandparents would have felt overwhelmed just to look at.  BUT you must not forget that at the end of that table is a cashier and every choice brings a price tag.

Have you decided to be married?  That’s a choice!  Stay single? That’s a choice!  Have or NOT have kids? Again another choice.  Take drugs, overeat, overwork, over drink?  Choices Choices Choices

Stop, think, change your choices because we need to be an agent of OUR OWN self-transformation!  Success is in YOUR hands!

Here’s a copy of that interview http://www.c-span.org/video/?319039-4/washington-journal-urban-poverty

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