I was recently at Home Depot during the week and I saw a man there checking out with gallons of paint and all the needed supplies.  I smiled and asked “Looks like you’ve got a big job ahead of you.”  His reply “Yep, I’m painting the house on my vacation!”

Americans are workiing 30 days more a year than 5 years ago and without the pay raise.  They are going to work sick and using vacation time to tick off that “to do” list.  We all need help with Life Balance.

The topic is one of my most popular keynotes.  And from there I wrote a workbook and then turned that into a podcast on itunes http://www.GetaLifeBalanced.com and now videos on Youtube.

Change is difficult, so all I request is that you remove one bad habit and replace it with a new tool that you find here.

It includes putting friends back into your life, making time for exercise, learning to power network with focus, creating power rituals, memory days, KTC’s, understanding the IDDM’s of Procrastination and more.

It’s all about Legacy Living™  with time management and real strategies that have worked in my life and others!